Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day - and Mommy and Daddy's 1-Year Anniversary - Post!

This morning as Veronica was sleeping in our bed (her favorite napping spot) looking like the little angel she is...

I took these most adorable pictures of Maddie and her Papa:



Saturday, May 24, 2008

We are Back!

It's Saturday night and Eoin took the girls over to his friend Tazia's to check out her basement full of little girl hand-me-downs. When I spoke to him a few minutes ago, he was already planning on a second trip to bring home all the goodies. Meanwhile, I am at home enjoying a blissful Saturday evening of peace and quiet, along with a peanut butter and banana sandwich and a glass of riesling.

So much has happened since Grandpa came over one morning in April before work. Theresa came to visit for a week and I'm not sure how she survived. Then I held down the fort on my own for a week while Eoin was at work. On my own is loosely defined as meaning I had help from friends E, Charla, and Naomi, but not from any blood relatives for two days that week.

Then Eoin's parents, Nana and Grandpapa came for a month from Tennessee. And I cannot believe they are gone already! They took care of Maddie and Veronica when I went back to work starting May 1st and made that difficult transition about as easy as it possibly could be. They made us dinner each night too. And peanut butter and banana sandwiches were not on the menu when they were here.

Other fun updates. Maddie and Veronica have both learned to suck their thumb.

And they love going for walks and looking around outside...

BEFORE & AFTER. This is why we take a lot of walks.

and looking at each other.

Oh, and we celebrated Mother's Day too!

And a couple more pics for good measure....