Friday, January 8, 2010

It is a whole new ballgame

After lunch today Veronica, Madeleine and I went through our normal routine. New diapers... talking about how it was time to walk to night-night... rounding up their blankets... going to their room and then tucking them in to their cribs for naptime.

I then left and went to eat my lunch. During which I could hear a lot of chatter and playing coming from their room, which is not unusual as they like to talk to each other before they sleep.

But when I was cleaning up the kitchen after my lunch there was an unusual occurrence. Two little Chihuly* heads sauntered in to the kitchen and announced "I woke up"

Veronica and Madeleine have figured out how to climb out of their cribs!

Thankfully I was able to get them to go back into their cribs to take their naps (otherwise I may have not retained my sanity). But later tonight we got them to show us how they got out of their cribs. Enjoy the video.

As impressed as we are by the athleticism of V and M, we couldn't let this continue so while Heidi was giving the girls their bath tonight I converted their cribs to toddler beds so they can climb in and out of them at will (and more importantly... safely).

It is a whole new world, which begs a few questions:

- Will they stay in bed when they are supposed to sleep?
- Will this change the morning routine? (I suspect this should be stated "How will this...)
- How often will we find them sleeping in the same bed?

Tonight they got out of bed once and wandered around... but seem to be staying in bed after the second round of tucking them in. I am very happy that this is happening on a weekend when we are both here to establish the ground rules for the new game.

* If you are unsure why I call them Chihuly heads... it is because their hair often reminds me of the blown glass sculpture in the lobby of the MIA by Dale Chihuly... you can see an image of it here: