Thursday, December 18, 2008

What is a toy anyhow?

With Christmas and Birthdays coming up this question seems relevent... V and M seem to enjoy handles, chairs and boxes as much or more than anything that was officially sold as a toy. Should we just get them random things at the hardware store for gifts? Well... maybe not completely random... we'll make sure to get the nail gun that has been recommended by the Board of Pediatricians.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Madeleine and Veronica don't always enjoy bundling up to go to daycare... but they seem to have fun once they get there:

Leaves are Fun (and tasty)

V&M Visit the Lone Star State

Veronica was very excited for her first plane ride (so excited in fact... she didn't sleep a wink on the plane.

Maddie was much more subdued...

Though they both enjoyed the flight a lot.

The tenth floor view was certainly new...

They enjoyed breakfast out... pancakes, oatmeal, and an apple!

Veronica and Madeleine pose in a picture that has at least three (maybe up to five?) Wellesley women..

Maddie wants Ronica to check out the bookstore.