Friday, September 26, 2008

News in Brief

A lot of other things have happened in the last two months... to mention just a few:

Heidi rocked the YWCA triathlon... complete with her own cheering squad.

Maddie wants to do her own tri.

Usually one of us is behind the camera, so it is nice to have a family picture... relaxing (as much as we can with twins) at the lake.

We had fun at the State Fair. Veronica seemed to like the goats.

Many thanks to the new godparents Laura and Jeff with Maddie and Keiran and Jennie with Veronica.


Had to lower the mattress in the crib! No one seems to mind (though our backs are sore from putting heavy babies to bed).

Bathtime in the tub seems to be a hit! (It took a lot of effort to avoid a splash pun).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now Presenting: The Meyer-O'Hara Oscars....

Best Score:

'Rattled to the Core'

Best new feature:

'The Long Crawl'

Feel Good Movie of the Year

'Dancing Feet'

Best Chase Scene

'Race to the Bathroom'

Best Art House Film:

'Maddie in the Mirror'

Best foreign language feature:

'Spoon River'