Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hospital Memories

I thought that I would catch up with some pictures from when they were in the hospital. These pictures give some sense for V and Maddie's first 17 days (it should be known that Heidi prefers to use the nickname Ronica).

It has only been two months, but it is hard to believe that Madeleine was ever this small.

Even though they were in a secure nursery, the girls had the extra security of the baby lowjack.

Veronica was ready to walk on to a SciFi movie set when she was under the bilirubin lights.

Maddie enjoying some quality time with her Daddy.

Veronica enjoying one of her first bottles with Mommy.

But enough with reminiscing... the newest development here in the present is that they have begun to sleep for longer stretches. Veronica even slept over five hours! It isn't consistent... and even worse they aren't in synch... but it is encouraging and exciting. It makes us dream (daydream) of the day they sleep the whole night.


Karen said...

keep the photos and posts coming! i subscribed via RSS feed and my home page now updates when you update your site! lots of love, kdubs

Leah said...

It will come soon! Ah, sleep is the best.

Jeff said...

Baby lo jack is funny. Love the blog and I too subscribed. I can't wait to meet them in person. Very soon!

Gori said...

Hello, V and Maddie, I love the description of the second pic, "made in USA". It must be reliable for you. Not include "lead". Your mammy and daddy feel easy too. I like to send some Japanese stuff if you guys like. Of course, it doesn't include any harmful stuff!!!