Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Five Months Old!

Veronica and Madeleine are now 5 months old! They are still a pound apart but since they are 14 and 15 pounds now it is less noticeable then it was when they were 4 and 5 pounds. SO... it is time for a quiz! Can you identify which twin is which?

(a) Happy that the photo shoot is over?

(b) Looking stylish at the vineyard with Elizabeth?

(c) Loves being held by mama.

(d) Reading is FUNdamental!

(e) Posing with Papa.

(f) Showing off for the camera.

Veronica would like to share the wisdom that she has gained the last five months.


Jeff said...

i will guess the madeleine is a, c, e, f. All others Veronica. Not sure though, just going on cheek girth.

Jeff said...

I now change F to veronica

Heidi said...

You are almost correct!

You were right on B, C, E and F

A is Veronica!

D is Maddie

and yes, F is Veronica!

Karen said...

i cannot wait to understand the wisdom of veronica. i bet she's got the good dish.

Auntie TK said...

OMGosh! They are sooooooooooo cute!! I can't tell them apart, and anyhow I read the answers already, hehe. I want to hold some babies!

Auntie TK said...

Ronica is trying so hard to say "I love you Momma, I love you Dada!"

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, you guys, they are SO CUTE! I love Ronica's big smiles!