Thursday, December 18, 2008

What is a toy anyhow?

With Christmas and Birthdays coming up this question seems relevent... V and M seem to enjoy handles, chairs and boxes as much or more than anything that was officially sold as a toy. Should we just get them random things at the hardware store for gifts? Well... maybe not completely random... we'll make sure to get the nail gun that has been recommended by the Board of Pediatricians.




LO said...

We've been spending a b-load of time at Orchard Supply Hardware, Loew's, and Home Despot recently. If only we'd known we could have done Christmas shopping in the same trip!

Grandpa Tom said...

Grandma Veronica Meyer would be so happy to see her great grandkids playing with the handles of her buffet.
I love the chair "push" and Row-Row both. Keep'em coming! Tom

Auntie TK said...

I vote for the pushing chair one, they're walking!!! Allala!

Josh DuBois said...

I have heard that a large coffee can with a slot cut in the lid, along with an assortment of other jar lids that fit into the slot (Ragu sauce jar lids, mason jar lids, etc.) makes a great toy for kids their age. IT's fun because they can put the lids into the can and take them out again, and it's noisey because once the lids are inside you can shake the can and make it rattle!