Monday, January 19, 2009

Recent Videos

Veronica and Madeleine like to show affection in a somewhat unusual way. If you visit and see Veronica bending her head down and looking up at you then you should put your head down so she can give you a forehead kiss.

Both V and M are practicing standing. The record time aloft is 15 seconds, but that record is being broken almost daily so we fear that they will getting into more and more trouble in the coming weeks.

We put V and M down for a nap today and after we left the room we started hearing laughter and jabbering from their room. We filmed these through the door. Notice that Maddie sees the camera in the second video and makes sure to tell Veronica that it is there. I think we may have to go to a spystore if we want to see how they behave when they think they are alone. It is pretty obvious that they felt that it wasn't time for a nap... though once they went down, they were down for quite a while.


Jeff said...

OMG. 2 cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie TK said...

Adorable! They are changing fast now, won't be long til they are walking!

Carrie & Kabir said...

Hi you two! The girls are awesome! I loved meeting them and I love keeping up-to-date on all of you via the blog. Take care, carrie