Thursday, May 21, 2009


They certainly need a bath. But do they want a bath?

They like to do the Chicken Dance. Should we be taking them out to Polka Nights?

Here is why they need their baths. Did you notice that they even got food on the wall?

Does it get any better than sisterly affection?

I probably should have led with this video. You are here to see them walking aren't you?


Auntie TK said...

Oh my goodness, they are really talking now-"Ba and Mo", so cute, and walking too! Thanks for my twinfix, but I need Moe! :)


Auntie Tks

Karen said...

more more more more more!!!!

Auntie TK said...

Where is the June UPdate, huh?!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, OK, we gave you the summer off, now we NEED to see MO already!!!!

Auntie TK

Karen said...

I'm with Auntie TK...i'm jonesing here in Texas for my twin fix. IT HAS BEEN FOUR MONTHS!!!!

Do they now say things like, "Mother Heidence, could you please pass the peas?" Have they completed their first Tri? Taken the SATs? Please don't make me wait until December!!!!!!